Community Colleges Consider Math Options

Some schools are looking at new programs to help boost success in remedial math courses.


Carnegie plans a bridge course for Statway and Quantway graduates who decide they want to go into STEM fields, said Bernadine Fong, who runs Carnegie's community college programs, in a Jan. 24 webinar.

So far, feedback from students has been promising. Math is an "overpowering wall" that keeps students from higher education," wrote a Statway student. "Now there is hope ... not only to pursue higher education but to learn something that would really apply to our everyday life."

Joanne Jacobs writes Community College Spotlight for The Hechinger Report, an independent nonprofit education news site. Jacobs also blogs about K-12 education and is the author of Our School: The Inspiring Story of Two Teachers, One Big Idea and the Charter School That Beat the Odds.