8 Campus Resources for International Students

Your college has ways to help you fit in—but they might surprise you.

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That kind of help was vital to Shatonova at Augsburg College when she applying for internships. "[Career services counselors] are just extremely resourceful," she says. "They really helped me to understand the ideas of what American companies are looking for." 

7. The legal services center: Consider dropping by your school's legal services center if issues beyond immigration and visa questions arise, Texas A&M's Tacey recommends. She says that center is a good resource for international students who are having marital problems, for example, and are considering the implications of divorce, or for students who have received an underage drinking citation or a speeding ticket. 

[Know the facts about U.S. college binge drinking.] 

8. The student union: By surrounding yourself with other students, it might be easier for you to make friends and get involved in activities outside of class—a key component of an international student's happiness, experts say. It's also important to interact with students of different nationalities, which has been found to increase international student satisfaction

"There's little advantage to a more globalized campus if the students aren't doing more than just sitting next to each other in classes," UNL's Wilson notes. "It's learning how someone from another country sees the world; it's learning the ways in which we're different and similar that opens so much of the richness of what can happen with these transnational encounters." 

Besides, Wilson adds, "If [Chinese students] are going to hang around with other Chinese kids, they might as well have stayed at home—it'd be a whole lot cheaper." 

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