5 Tips for College Students Using Facebook for the Job Search

The social network can be a powerful tool for finding employment.

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"They're a great way to band together not only with people with your same interests, but advisers as well," Weber says. "It's a great outlet for [college students]."

Jobfox's McGovern notes that recruiters who have connected with candidates on Facebook will look to see not only if the prospective employee is a member of professional groups, but if they engage in them as well.

"For example, if you are a member of software programming groups, and there's evidence that you're participating, that's good," McGovern says. "That's much better than joining a bunch of groups that you're never really involved in."

5. Tap into your network: "Getting a job has always been about who you know as much as anything else," Likeable Media's Kerpen says. "But the 'who you know' is multiplied by 10 from what it might have been 10 years ago thanks to Facebook."

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And with more than 800 million users worldwide, Facebook provides seemingly limitless resources and connections for job seekers, says Clark University's McDonough, who advises students to approach networking on Facebook as a way to get more information about an industry by messaging and engaging with employees at a company of interest.

And while not every job or connection you encounter will mesh with your career goals, the Facebook platform is a way for people to share with and support one another in the job search. For students who come across opportunities that may not be the best fit, Vogel of American Express says "paying it forward" in your network will, in turn, help your search, as people may then pass along opportunities to you in the future.

"If you see a role in a company that's not right for you but would be right for your network…post that job opportunity on your wall," Vogel says. "That's where I think the power of Facebook really comes in."

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