University-Verified Badges Present Students More Professionally

Students and university staff say the badges are tailor-made for job searches.

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Mathews of readMedia says the company removes pages upon request, but students haven't asked to opt out. Emily Summey, director of media relations and campus communications at LVC, where Valdes studies, says she has heard only from students who want to be more involved in the platform.

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John Gouch, assistant director of media relations at Clemson, also hasn't received any opt out requests since Clemson joined in September.

According to Clemson's page, it has issued 655 graduation badges, as well as 2,914 badges for enrollment and 89 for achievements. helps Clemson raise its national reputation, Gouch says, which trickles down to students by impacting the value of their degrees.

And then there's the digital filter benefit, too. "Down the road, the value of having some online news that's not just pictures from Cancún on their Facebook pages, that shows some accomplishments—I think those are good things for students," he says.

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