Some Recommend Working for Colleges for Free Tuition

Many schools offer free education to staff, and some waive or reduce tuition for staffers’ dependents.

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"It is important to understand the overall benefits structure of a company," says Predoehl, who is considering applying to George Fox's D.B.A. program.

"I personally did not choose to work for the university based on this benefit," he says, "but since it is available, I plan to utilize it to the greatest extent possible."

Gina Vergel, assistant director of communications at Fordham University in New York City, believes there's nothing wrong with applying for a higher education job to take advantage of a tuition break. "If someone is considering grad school and can get [a job] at a university, why not?" says Vergel, who used her employer's tuition break to get an M.S. in education.

But she warns that being a university employee doesn't guarantee admissions. "You'll have to apply like anyone else," she says.

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