College Students Explain Why They Picked Their Schools

Read why these juniors or seniors chose their respective colleges or universities.

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Why I Picked Howard University

Marquis Gibson, junior It was not the renowned Homecoming celebration, the thrill of leaving home, or the fast pace of D.C. life that attracted me to Howard University. I wanted a source of stimulating education, and Howard still is that source for me. I have fed my educational, spiritual, and cultural mind through Howard's rich history, religious and social organizations, and research-intensive curriculum. As part of this year's Alternative Spring Break program, I and other students traveled to Haiti, where we worked at a school and orphanage and assisted human rights activists, upholding Howard's motto of Leadership for America and the Global Community.

Why I Picked Kenyon College

Joumana Khatib, junior I chose Kenyon because of the community it inspires: It's clear that students and professors have come to the school because of a shared enthusiasm and respect for learning. My experience as an intern at the Kenyon Review, the well-regarded literary journal, is a prime example. Several editors are Kenyon alums or parents of current students, and all maintain deep ties to the college. The students who volunteer there have a variety of interests, but all have a passion for publishing. Working for an organization built by students, past and current, has shown me that Kenyon isn't just a school; it's a way of life.

Why I Picked Rice University

Teresa Yeh, junior I was drawn to Rice by its amazing programs in the natural sciences, engineering, and other fields. There are plentiful opportunities for exploration and research, both on the beautiful campus—across from the Texas Medical Center and in the middle of America's fourth-largest city—and beyond the hedges that circumscribe it. But what I love most about Rice is its people, who are generous with their smiles and carry a fiery passion for what they do. Through various volunteer groups, students collaborate across cultures, languages, and socioeconomic status to serve the underserved, including refugees and asylum-seekers. Students can find the selves they wish to be.

Why I Picked The Citadel

Cadet Col. Matthew Cason Collier, senior When I saw the transformation that took place in my brother and my friends who chose to attend The Citadel, I knew it was the college for me. The Citadel represented not only history and tradition, but also emphasized leadership training, ethics, discipline, and, most importantly, an enriching education that would set me apart from other college students. Three years later, I can say with pride that I accepted the challenge of attending The Citadel, and I'm a better person for it.

Why I Picked University of Nevada–Las Vegas

Matthew Fennel, junior I picked UNLV initially for its nationally ranked hospitality program. Later, I realized that the school offered much more. UNLV has an extraordinary faculty and staff who are willing to give all of the students a helping hand. The university also has many ways to get involved, with over 300 student organizations as well as various departmental organizations. I found my niche in Rebel Pride Council (which creates events to build school spirit) and the student government, where I serve as the Senate president. UNLV has provided me with amazing opportunities to further my education and to leave a legacy on campus.

Why I Picked University of Northern Iowa

Kari Braumann, senior I always joke that I came to UNI just for the Hawaiian pizza. The food really is excellent, but it's part of a much more impressive package. UNI exceeds its own standard of "Students First" through its exemplary residence life system, a faculty dedicated to teaching, its beautiful parklike campus, the Panther Pass that gives students free access to campus performances and athletic events, and world-class experiences such as hearing the Dalai Lama or Michelle Obama speak. In other words, if you come for the Hawaiian pizza, you'll also end up with an outstanding educational experience!

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