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Best Colleges 2012 Overview

Princeton, Harvard, Williams Top U.S. News Best Colleges Rankings

Applying to College

Your College Hunt Starts Here

Follow 7 Strategies to Get Into College

What Not to Do When You Apply to College

Find Ways to Narrow Your College Choices

Know if Applying to College Early is Right for You

Think Hard Before Borrowing for College

Do You Need a Financial Adviser?

Paying for College

Get the Best Financial Aid Package

Get Your Kids Financially Ready for College Early

Consider These College College Options to Cut Costs

New Online Tools Expected to Lift Veil on College Sticker Prices

Get Your College Textbooks Cheap

Finding the Right School

College Students Tell Us 'Why I Picked...'

Discover 9 Hot College Majors

5 Ways to Pick the Right College Major

Plan Ahead With a College Search Checklist

Output Metrics Increasingly Influence College Decisions

Colleges Step Up to Meet Dyslexia Challenge

College Road Trips

Take a College Road Trip to Michigan

Hope College

Kalamazoo College

Kettering University

Michigan State University

University of Michigan

Take a College Road Trip to New York

Bard College

Colgate University

Cornell University

New York University

State University of New York–Geneseo

Take a College Road Trip to the Pacific Northwest

Lewis & Clark College

Reed College

University of Oregon

University of Washington

Whitman College

Student Profiles

How 8 Applicants Got to College

Laura Anthony

Theodore 'Teddy' Bremmer

Robert 'Kit' Durban

Janet Henkai

Sarah McMillian

Eli Okun

Nicole Turchi

Ava Wallace

Test Prep

6 Myths About Standardized Tests


Higher Ed Faces a Hard Road

College Officials Best Practices Survey

Envisioning America's Global University

Defining Higher Education Success


5 Rules for Visiting During Parents' Weekends

6 Ways to Network While You're in College

Start Your Own Business in College

7 Ways to Slip Through the Sophomore Slump


The Right Car for Your School

The Right Car for Your Major

The Right Car for College and Beyond

The College Student and Grad Guide to Car Discounts

In Pictures: The Best Cars for College Students

The Best Cars for College Students


Why U.S. News Ranks Colleges

College Rankings FAQ

Best Values FAQ

How to Use the College Directory

How to Use the Rankings Wisely

Information for College Officials

General Methodology: How We Calculate the Rankings



How U.S. News Collects Data (Common Data Set)

Ranking Category Definitions

Undergraduate Ranking Criteria and Weights

Best Values Methodology

Campus Ethnic Diversity Methodology

A+ Schools for B Students Methodology

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Rankings Methodology

Up-and-Coming Colleges and Universities Rankings Methodology

High School Counselors' Picks Methodology

Best Undergraduate Teaching Methodology

2012 Best Colleges Rankings Include New Schools

Ranking Category Changes

U.S. News College Compass FAQ

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