5 Ways to Make a Jobless Summer Productive

There are ways for college students to boost their skills this summer—even without a job or internship.


5. Find a mentor: Many students are ill equipped to navigate the job market after they graduate, claims Come Recommended's Huhman. "Colleges definitely don't do a good enough job of teaching young professionals how to job search," she says, and students often go to the wrong sources for advice. While your parents may not be familiar with hiring processes, Huhman says there's likely someone in your circle who is. Reach out to a professor you're close with or a faculty member who advises a student organization on campus, she recommends. 

[Use these 13 tips to find a mentor.] 

Be upfront with a potential mentor about what you're seeking: career advice and a learning opportunity that needn't make much extra work for them. With expert advice, you may have a better chance of finding a job during the summer that really counts— after graduation. 

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