Get a Head Start on College Visits

High school sophomores and juniors should explore colleges early.

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Students on college visits are advised to go beyond the standard campus tour, which can sometimes become a one-way conversation and a public relations push by the school. One of the most important things a student can do on a college visit is ask questions, says Conger, Collegocity's founder.

"Ask specific questions to [current students] about their personal experience on campus," Conger says. "Get personal with them. Go up to whomever you see and ask who they are. Be investigative."

[Consider 36 questions to ask on a college visit.]

Many high school students will have already made the decision to attend a school before they have even made a single visit. But, as Desch warns, the greatest mistake a student can make early on in the college search process is to limit his or her options.

"Make sure it's not [your] only college visit," Desch says. "Ultimately, when you make that decision to go to a college, make sure it's based on experience. Don't go to one place and make that decision."

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