Harvard, Princeton Go Back to Early Admissions

The two Ivies reverse a decision they made in 2006.

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Lucido said he'd like to see a move toward a common deadline between all schools that wouldn't force high school seniors to make a college decision during their first semester, but Harvard and Princeton's move back to early admissions pushes colleges further from that goal.

"I think we're seeing how difficult it is for any school—even Harvard and Princeton—to try to move laterally on something that benefits the system," he said. "We need to find a way to work together on this."

Lucido said that ideally schools would implement something like the admissions program the University of North Carolina adopted in 2002, which effectively creates two different, nonbinding deadlines for students, allowing students who want to apply early to do so, while still leaving their options open. "There's a broader responsibility to the whole system, I think," he said. "Now, the message we're sending students is 'get in the door now, before it closes.'"

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