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Applying to college does not begin or end with the college application. Searching and choosing the best college for you also involves knowing when to apply, deciding whether to apply early decision, crafting college essays, and preparing for interviews with admissions officials. Our tips, tools, and expert advice can make the college application process easier.

College Admissions Playbook

Get tips on test prep, applications and more from Varsity Tutors.

Add Jobs, Hobbies to College Applications

Include out-of-school activities that show passion and leadership in college applications.

4 College Admissions Strategies for Students With Bad Grades

Students with poor grades on their transcript should wait until regular admission to apply to college.

5 Tips for Securing Recommendation Letters

Counselors, teachers, coaches, and mentors can help boost your college application.

Student Profiles: How They Got to College

Find out how 32 high school seniors survived the college admissions process.

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