How to Get In: University of Louisville College of Business

What can you do to set yourself apart in your application? Admissions officials have the answers.

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Once we receive an application the candidate is contacted by our office and informed of all other materials needed. We work with each student to ensure that these materials are sent and received in a timely manner. Once all items have been received the admissions committee does a preliminary review. If the candidate has the potential to be admitted into their program of choice (i.e. they meet the criteria), we invite them to the College of Business for an interview with the admissions committee. Since we admit on a rolling basis, once the interview is completed the candidate will be contacted within seven to 10 days with our final decision.

8. Which firms recruit heavily from your school? Which ones hire the highest percentage of your graduates?

This is difficult to assess given that the majority of our students are already working professionals. Very few take a leave of absence from a job to complete an M.B.A. However, many of our students are employed at major businesses in Louisville, such as Humana, Brown-Forman, ZirMed, UPS, Yum! Brands, Fifth-Third Bank, Aegon, and PNC Bank.

9. What are some of the most common mistakes that applicants make that hurt their chances of being accepted?

There are three common mistakes prospective students make during the application process: 1) Some applicants tend to neglect the importance of the personal essay and the recommendation letters. These two items help us evaluate the potential of each candidate, and a poor essay or poor recommendation effects their admissions status. 2) Some applicants wait until the final deadline to apply to an M.B.A. Since we admit on a rolling basis there is no guarantee that a seat will be available for admission into the program. Therefore, we encourage all candidates to apply early. 3) Some students neglect to prepare for an admissions interview, which reflects poorly on the applicants ability to compete for a seat into the program.

10. Can you describe the archetypal student for your school?

The archetypal student admitted to the University of Louisville M.B.A. program is a talented and motivated working professional who desires to add the skills and connections necessary to assume a leadership position in their industry.