How to Get In: George Mason University School of Management

What can you do to set yourself apart in your application? Admissions officials have the answers.


Rigorous and relevant coursework is a staple of the Mason M.B.A. Mason is located in a highly competitive and job environment in a metropolitan area that is still growing economically. Students leave Mason ready to be in the forefront of solving the nation's economic and business problems.

6. What do you look for in recommendation letters? How important is it that the letter's writer has worked regularly with the candidate in an office or school setting?

Although, like most schools, we provide a recommendation form, we care much more about what the recommender says than how they say it. The best letters cite specific examples of the candidate's leadership ability and growth as a manager.

7. Can you give a brief description of the life cycle of an application? What's the timeline applicants should expect?

Once all documents are in place the review time is usually four to six weeks. Admission decisions are communicated to students within 24 hours. The application process is the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term relationship. We want students to know they have been treated personally and professionally.

8. What are some of the most common mistakes that applicants make that hurt their chances of being accepted?

We cannot review documents that we don't have. Communicating expeditiously with the Mason M.B.A. admissions office goes a long way to submitting a successful application.

The key to selecting your best fit in an M.B.A. program is to understand its strengths, curriculum content, program culture, and student services. Do your program homework and query admissions officials based on that homework. Asking questions without doing due diligence is likely to leave unfortunate questions of your professionalism and commitment. If you want to get into the best school, you cannot fail to present your best case.

9. Which firms recruit heavily from your school? Which firms hire the highest percentage of your graduates?

We have a very diverse group of recruiters, which reflects our diverse student body. Organizations from Fortune 100 firms, to government agencies, to nonprofits and small start-ups recruit here.

10. Can you describe the archetypal student for your school?

There is no archetypal George Mason M.B.A. student. At Mason, we stress human capital as well as capital formation. The structure of the M.B.A. program and the culture of the Mason community aim to reinforce what makes an individual not only a successful business leader, but a good citizen of the world. Our students embody a culture that emphasizes that it's not only "what you do, but how you do it." We want our Mason M.B.A.s to succeed—in the classroom and in the community.