Find the Best Schools for 2010's Top Careers in Science and Technology

Intrigued in a career working with computers or in a lab? Put these schools at the top of your list.

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Though the economy has been dismal in recent years and unemployment has soared, not every industry has suffered equally. Some sectors continue to need an influx of new talent to meet the increasing demand. Though the markets may slow down, advances in science and technology do not, creating a need for more bright minds to enter the field every year. Below are three jobs that made U.S. News's list of America's Best Careers in 2010 and information on the top graduate programs to prepare you for a successful career.

Computer Software Engineer

U.S. News's best graduate computer science programs:

1. (Tie) Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Pittsburgh. The university claims that technologies behind early speech recognition software and Internet search engines were catalyzed in the school's hallways.

1. (Tie) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Cambridge, Mass. Many of the faculty are members of prestigious scientific organizations, including 10 fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and nine fellows in the Association for Computing Machinery.

1. (Tie) Stanford University Department of Computer Science Stanford, Calif. The computer science department is housed in the Gates Computer Science Building, which was completed in 1996, is 150,000 square feet, and cost of $38 million to construct.

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Biomedical Engineer

U.S. News's best graduate biomedical/bioengineering programs:

1. Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering Baltimore. A faculty member working with researchers recently engineered and grew the most lifelike artificial heart tissue to date.

2. (Tie) Georgia Institute of Technology College of Engineering Atlanta. Nine schools within the university and roughly 90 faculty members contribute to the education of the nearly 150 students enrolled in the graduate program.

2. (Tie) University of California—San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Systems biology and regenerative medicine are two of the primary fields of study for which the school is renowned. The nearly 200 students get the attention of 16 full-time faculty.

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U.S. News's best graduate earth sciences programs:

1. (Tie) California Institute of Technology Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences Pasadena, Calif. Students and faculty at Caltech have studied glaciers to determine the Earth's climate history.

1. (Tie) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Cambridge, Mass. The school boasts a geophysical fluid dynamics laboratory, which allows students to analyze liquid particles using sophisticated equipment.

3. University of California—Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science. In 2001, the department shifted away from a sole focus on geology, and included topics on the environment and the oceans, adding 16 faculty members in the process.

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