Find the Best Schools for 2010's Top Careers in Healthcare

Intrigued in a career in healthcare? These schools should be at the top of your list.


Though the economy has been dismal in recent years and unemployment has soared, not every industry has suffered equally. Some sectors continue to need an influx of young, new talent to meet the increasing demand. Nowhere else has demand been more prevalent than in the healthcare field. Below are three jobs that made U.S. News's list of America's Best Careers in 2010 and information on the top graduate programs to prepare you for a successful career.


U.S. News's best graduate veterinary medicine programs:

1. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell's program boasts newly renovated facilities and a $12 million research center.

2. (Tie) Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences Ft. Collins, Colo. The school has established an animal cancer center to help find cures for cancer in pets and other animals.

2. (Tie) University of California—Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Davis, Calif. The school is home to 300 professors and has a scholarship endowment of roughly $36 million.

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Physical Therapist

U.S. News's best graduate physical therapy programs:

1. University of Southern California Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Los Angeles. Ninety-seven percent of students in the class of 2008 passed the licensing exam on the first try and every student that has completed the program since 2005 has passed the licensing exam.

2. (Tie) University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Services Department of Physical Therapy Pittsburgh. A minimum score of 1000 is required on the Graduate Record Examination for admittance into this top-tier program.

2. (Tie) Washington University in St. Louis Program in Physical Therapy St. Louis. Beyond just education, research plays an integral part in the program. The school's primary aim to is to use research to achieve more accurate motion-related diagnoses.

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Registered Nurse

U.S. News's best graduate nursing programs:

1. University of Washington School of Nursing Seattle. Beyond the top-ranked nursing program's 120 full-time faculty, roughly 550 unpaid faculty assist students at the clinical level.

2. University of CaliforniaSan Francisco School of Nursing. Though the University of California system has endured well-publicized financial struggles, funding for research at UCSF School of Nursing has tripled in the last five years.

3. University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing — Philadelphia. The school is home to an advanced "simulation lab", which uses mannequins to prepare students for the real-life work environment without the risk.

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