10 Schools With Pricey Dorms

Students can easily pay upwards of $1,000 a month at many campuses across the country.


The rising cost of real estate and student demand for hotel-style goodies such as private bathrooms and suites have pushed the cost of dorms up crazily at many college campuses.

At colleges in high-cost areas, even standard shared double dorm rooms now cost more than $1,000 a month. Add in dining expenses, and living on campus at some colleges in New York, Boston, and northern California can cost about $1,700 a month—and that's not even counting tuition or books.

The colleges with the priciest dorms generally explain that their costs are high because their dorms are new and offer lots of extras: free Wi-Fi, fitness centers, and "living learning" opportunities to study with professors, for instance. In addition, many colleges require their dorms to turn a profit, which is then funneled to support other college needs such as financial aid.

Here are colleges with some of the priciest dorms in the country. The dorm cost is the average cost of a standard shared double dorm room. Board cost is the standard full meal plan at a cafeteria. Most colleges offer students options to reduce these costs even further by, for example, buying fewer meals or agreeing to share a room with a third student. Of course, students can also spend much more by opting for single rooms or even apartments.

School name 2009-2010 Room and Board 2009-2010 Room alone (some schools bill room and board together) In- State Tuition, fees, room and board Out- of-State Tuition, fees, room and board
New School (NY) $15,260 $12,260 $49,850 $49,850
Berklee College of Music (MA) $15,080 N/A $48,733 $48,733
Suffolk University (MA) $14,544 $12,204 $41,752 $41,752
St. Francis College (NY) $13,500 $11,000 $30,100 $30,100
University of California--Berkeley $13,900 N/A $23,660 $45,330
Loyola Marymount University (CA) $13,260 $9,260 $48,679 $48,679
New York University $13,228 $9,212 $51,993 $51,993
Fordham University (NY) $13,716 $9,076 $50,165 $50,165
University of California--Santa Cruz $13,641 N/A $22,531 $45,200
Georgetown University (DC) $12,706 $8,816 $51,918 $51,918

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