Stop Selling Yourself Short When Applying for College

Find your inner voice and use it to tell colleges what they need to know about you.

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Lessons. What drew you in, and what did you learn?

Details, details. President of the poetry society? Say how many members the club has and what you do.

Commitment. Show how much work you put into the water polo team.

Acing the Essay

To pick a topic and deliver it in a compelling way:

Brainstorm. Ask family and friends what to write about. Focus on what matters to you and why. How you spend your free time is a good place to start.

Show; don't tell. Use examples and anecdotes.

Be polite. But not too humble.

Seek feedback. Ask a friend to read your essay, and ask, "Does this sound like me?" It should.

Take your time. Don't do your essay at the last minute. Selling yourself takes practice.

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