Some Colleges Like Boys More

Many schools prefer males over females in an effort to even out gender statistics.

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Is it easier for boys to get into college than for girls? At many schools, the answer is yes.

For fall 2010, the Department of Education projects the ratio of college-goers to be 57 percent girls to 43 percent boys. Places like Harvard and Princeton have so many applicants and so many high achievers that they maintain balanced student bodies naturally by skimming the cream of the crop.

However, there are notable differences in how schools admit men and women to maintain balanced campuses. Other schools put a thumb on the scales in favor of the boys.

Wondering how this might affect you? U.S. News has more information online about the gender gap in college admissions. You can check for colleges and universities where the numbers of men and women on campus are similar and see where admissions rates are different. You can find all of this and more online.