The Hidden Costs of College Really Add Up

Keeping track of extra costs such as parking fees and copy machines can make college more affordable.

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Paper costs: Sure, having all your papers on your laptop is saving trees. But professors often ask students to copy hundreds of pages of on-reserve materials, where the charge can range from 5 to 15 cents per page. ($24 for 300 pages at Arizona State libraries)

Food storage: Meal plans usually fail to sate students' every hunger, which is why many decide to rent a small fridge each semester. That way, they can satisfy late-night cravings without ordering pizza. ($140 per year, refrigerator plus microwave rental at William & Mary through QPS Marketing)

Extra food: To fill that fridge and fund the occasional Friday night burrito with friends, students often report needing money for extras to round out their campus meal plans. ($100 per month, based on student reports)

Escapes: With long vacations and class schedules that leave room for three- (or four-) day weekends, students often squeeze in as much travel as possible before entering the working world. And sometimes you just need to get away. ($515, starting student price quoted this summer for a round-trip ticket to Australia from STA Travel)