Villanova Vs. UNC: 4 Facts About Each School

Before meeting in the Final Four, here's how UNC and 'Nova match up on campus life.

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Villanova University versus the University of North Carolina: a private, Roman Catholic college matching up against the nation's oldest public university in the semifinals of this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament. Before they head to the Final Four in Detroit, let's take a look at student life on their campuses in suburban Philadelphia and Chapel Hill, N.C., with four facts about each university.

Villanova University

1. Don't be surprised that East region No. 3 seed Villanova bounced the No. 1-seeded University of Pittsburgh. 'Nova tops U.S. News's overall academic rankings of the Big East conference.

2. Fraternity and sorority life is a pretty big deal at Villanova: Nearly 40 percent of the undergraduates join one of the Greek-letter organizations on campus.

3. Even if they don't walk away as the champs, Villanova students are still guaranteed a big party. The school ends each academic year with NovaFest, a weekend-long carnival and celebration.

4. Big campus legend: First-year students who kiss under the arch at Coor Hall are destined to get married in the university chapel, according to the Insider's Guide to the Colleges.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

1. Journalism and communications are the most popular fields of study on campus. While UNC still teaches the fundamentals of print journalism, the university offers courses in electronic media and public relations as well. Students produce a twice-weekly news show that is broadcast on cable.

2. Admission into UNC can be just as competitive as Tar Heel basketball. The university is swamped with applications: In the spring, about 500 prospective students arrive every day. And it's even tougher to get in for out-of-state students. North Carolina law limits out-of-state enrollment at UNC to about 18 percent of the student body.

3. When they're not cheering their team, students make their voices heard in "The Pit," the campus's main plaza for student assembly and activism.

4. Sports, both intercollegiate and intramural, are big at Carolina, of course. But so is community service. The university's most prominent service organization, Campus Y, has been around since 1859 and led the efforts on racial integration and fair wages for university employees.