About the Student Loan Comparison Tool

U.S.News & World Report's Student Loan Comparison Tool is powered by SimpleTuition Inc.

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About this tool:

U.S.News & World Report's Student Loan Comparison Tool is powered by SimpleTuition Inc., a privately held and unrelated company. Our loan search tool is free to users. It allows students and parents to easily compare the true cost of education loans offered by several of the lowest-cost lenders in the country.

SimpleTuition and U.S.News & World Report earn a modest fee when users click on, apply to, and/or receive loans from designated "partner lenders."

But to make sure consumers get the best deals, our loan search engine also includes offers from up to five additional lenders that U.S. News has determined generally offer low-priced loans. (We take recommendations for these from Student Lending Analytics, another unrelated, privately held company that surveys lenders on behalf of universities.) U.S. News makes the final decision about which extra lenders to include based solely on factors such as true annual percentage rate, and size and stability of the lender. If you represent a lender that wishes to be included on the list, E-mail studentloans@usnews.com. The extra lenders are not required to pay for their inclusion in our loan search engine.

While we've tried to make this the Web's easiest, most objective, and most complete loan shopping tool, we can't claim that it's perfect. Some of the lenders in our list may not happen to make loans to your region or school, for example. And while we've tried to include only the best deals, we may have missed some. You should always check to see if your state's nonprofit lender can offer you a cheaper loan. A few lucky students might qualify for a no-interest loan from a charity.

We also want to remind users that borrowing for college should be a last resort. You can search for less expensive schools, advice on how to get scholarships, tips on working your way through school, and other ways to finance college at our Paying for College home page.