College Personality Quiz: Part 9: What's Your Academic/Social Balance?

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High Scores: 57 or above
Medium Scores: 48 to 56
Low Scores: 47 or less

What Your Score Means

High scores suggest you place priority on both academics and extracurricular experiences and you will want to choose a college where you will have a balanced life; that is, where you will have time for both your academic pursuits as well as extracurricular activities and personal time. You should consider colleges within which you are very likely to be similar academically to the majority of other students. You should consider your college choices carefully-being certain you are not getting in "over your head." You will want to choose a college where you are as likely as anyone else to understand the material in your classes, to spend about the same amount of time studying and to be able to have a life outside of the classroom. In researching of colleges, look carefully at the characteristics of students who enroll-what were their grade point averages? test scores? Have they taken courses in high school fairly similar to the ones you have chosen?

A lower score here might indicate you place a higher priority on either academics or on social experiences. If you place high priority on academics alone, you may be comfortable at a college where most of your time will have to be devoted to academic pursuits. You may feel comfortable if most of your peers are stronger students than you. If you value social experiences highly, you will want to choose colleges where you are more likely to achieve easily-or where you are better prepared academically than the other students.

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