College Personality Quiz: Part 6: How Career-Oriented Are You?

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High Scores: 57 or above
Medium Scores: 48 to 56
Low Scores: 47 or less

What Your Score Means

High scorers see college as a means to an end; in other words, they look at college as a way to get to other lifetime goals-often, to positions of professional competence and lifetime status. They look at college as a vehicle for vocational preparation. As such, they will want to explore professionally-related majors and seek colleges where they will be able to keep "on track" toward meeting the needs of their chosen careers. Such students should review general educational requirements at colleges of interest. Too many required humanities courses, for example, may be less appealing than the freedom to concentrate on subjects of interest early on.

A lower score here suggests you are very open to the wide variety and extent of learning experiences that college may bring. You may see college as a time for experimenting with and testing a variety of ideas and career paths. The ambiguity of thinking about a range of career choices is not necessarily uncomfortable for you. You may want to explore traditional liberal arts colleges with many options in the humanities, social sciences and sciences.

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