College Personality Quiz: Part 5: How Independent Are You?

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High Scores: 57 or above
Medium Scores: 48 to 56
Low Scores: 47 or less

What Your Score Means

Taking charge of one's own life is assessed here. College students choose their own class schedules, their own social "do's and don'ts" and their own hours. High scorers will be comfortable with such freedom. They are less apt to act in irresponsible ways while away from home and, further, are less in need of their friends' approval before making important decisions. They will have little difficulty at colleges where there is a great deal of freedom in choosing classes and in setting your own dormitory rules. Because of your self-sufficiency, you may not need the "excitement" of a college in a large city since you will be able to generate activities for yourself even at an isolated college locale.

Low or medium scorers may need more structure to be most comfortable. You may feel more at home with a series of required classes; you may prefer a college with a range of planned activities and things to do. A low scorer may need to work on self-discipline or practice assuming responsibility for decisions and their consequences. A smaller college might encourage you to build your self confidence and independence.

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