College Personality Quiz: Part 10: How Eager Are You for College?

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High Scores: 57 or above
Medium Scores: 48 to 56
Low Scores: 47 or less

What Your Score Means

High scorers anticipate college in a favorable way and are looking forward to the collegiate experience. Adjustment will likely be easy as your enthusiasm will be a great asset in learning to master college life. While you may have some concerns about college, in general your attitude is positive. Because you played a primary role in deciding to attend college, you likely have specific goals regarding the appropriate use of your college years.

Low or medium scorers may want to think carefully about their motivations for attending college. Similarly, they will want to give special consideration to the ways they might make college a satisfying and productive experience. Some fears about college, leaving home and being independent are perfectly normal, so if you scored low, involve yourself in the planning and decision-making processes and you will feel more in control and less like you are being pushed into college. But do think carefully about, and seek assistance with, the timing and the nature of your college years.

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