College Personality Quiz: Part 1: What is Your Level of School Enthusiasm?

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High Scores: 57 or above
Medium Scores: 48 to 56
Low Scores: 47 or less

What Your Score Means

High scorers feel comfortable with the tasks and central qualities of school. In general, they like going to classes and have positive feelings about the academic nature of school.

If you scored low here, you may enjoy some of the social features of school more than the actual classes, teachers, and classroom information. Additionally, you may not have found school to be a successful academic experience, and your struggle with school may affect your attitude toward it. Your school attitude may impact your feelings about planning for college, your willingness to enter a challenging college environment, the level of competitiveness you prefer, as well as your motivation to stay in school.

Think carefully about your choice of going to college. Is the time right? Would you benefit from a year of travel, work or some other activity before entering college? Do you currently have the motivation to be successful in college?

On the other hand, you may not have enjoyed high school because the particular characteristics of your school may not have been right for you. If that is the case, you have a chance to choose carefully the college you will attend. Your analysis of factors important in selecting a college will be particularly meaningful.

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