Frequently Asked Questions–Rankings

Methodology FAQ.


Schools that are tied are listed in alphabetical order. For further details see Question 8, "Why don't the ranking lists show all the rank number?"

Back to top. 14. Where do the data on quality measures come from?

Most of the information is reported to us directly by the schools. Each year, U.S. News sends an extensive questionnaire to each school for each of the disciplines of business, education, engineering, law, and medicine. When the surveys are returned, U.S. News analyzes the data for errors, large changes, or inconsistencies. Errors and anomalies are resolved in concert with the school, which then verifies data stored in our database. Where possible, we cross-check data with other sources.

Back to top. 15. Why are there more rankings online than in print?

When we publish our rankings in print, there are space limitations that prevent us from going as deeply as we are able. As we do not have those limitations online, we are able to extend the number of schools we rank online to the level that we think is appropriate.
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