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Obama Called Out the GOP Nominee for His "Romnesia"


Sunday the Salt Lake City Tribune endorsed President Barack Obama and asked the $64 million question about former Gov. Mitt Romney, which is, "Who is this guy anyway?" The editorial answered its own question when it called Romney, the former liberal and former conservative and current moderate candidate, the "shapeshifting nominee". In the first debate, a passive President Obama let Romney get away with statements the former governor made that night that contradicted assertions he made during the GOP nomination campaign. Last night and in the previous debate, the president challenged Romney's flip flops, and the commander in chief scored big points.

To put it in the president's terms, you have Rommesia if you previously opposed setting a date for U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and flip flopped last night by calling for the withdrawal of American troops from that war torn land by the end of 2014. Romney was the passive voice Monday night when he endorsed much of the president's foreign policy agenda night, which makes you wonder why Romney is running and why anybody should vote to replace the current commander in chief. I half expected the challenger to end the debate Monday by announcing his withdrawal from the race because he agreed with so many of the president's decisions.

The first candidate to bring up Russia last night was the president, which is odd because Romney believes that the former Soviet Union was our "No. 1 geopolitical foe." I'm sure Romney's foreign policy priority prompted a lot of chuckles from the party boys in the Forbidden City and from the amused mullahs in Tehran. If they were still alive, Osama bin Laden and the rest of the al Qaeda leaders would have laughed when they heard Romney's claim that the terrorist organization was still a potent force.

Today is the first anniversary of the day when the new provisional government in Libya officially declared that they had ended Muammar Qadhafi's tyranny. Last night, the president was effective in linking Romney's policies with the failed presidency of George W. Bush. The difference between the president's tactics in Libya and Bush's approach to Iraq is the perfect illustration of President Obama's superior performance. Bush's defeat of Saddam Hussein resulted in the deaths of more than 4,000 brave young Americans. Working with the Libyan rebels, the current president got rid of Qadhafi without the loss of a single American life.

Point, set, and match to the president.

Brad Bannon

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