Republicans Fell Off the Low-Tax Wagon


The Marketplace Fairness Act, which institutes an Internet sales tax, does not level the playing field as proponents claim. Instead, it creates a whole new taxation scheme that allows tax collectors in New York and California to reach across their borders and into your pockets for tax revenue. All states would have the authority to tax and audit businesses outside of their own states' physical boundaries for the collection of tax revenue. This is clearly a dangerous precedent for ever-expanding government power.

When you look at the Marketplace Fairness Act Senate Amendment vote breakdown, something important stands out, and not just that so many Republicans would throw out state borders as a limiting factor in taxation. What stands out are the Senators who voted against it. At Americans for Tax Reform we are more than dismayed, we are astounded that only 19 Republican Senators could withstand the pressure to vote for an amendment intended to bypass the legislative process and create unprecedented tax authority.

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Many of the Nay votes come from the future of the Republican Party: Sens. Marco Rubio, Fla., Ted Cruz,Texas, Mike Lee,Utah, Rand Paul,Ky., Pat Toomey,Pa., and Tim Scott,S.C., are solid conservatives and part of the new contingent entering Capitol Hill that hasn't lost touch with their base. They stand on strong constitutional principles and still believe in the American Dream. (Not the entitled-to-have-all-material-things American dream, but the power of an individual to make something of themselves no matter where they came from American Dream.)

None of these key conservative thinkers fell off the wagon into the tax-and-spend addiction. It would have been a real loss if one of them had voted in favor, but we expect their energetic, bold leadership will reel in some of our leaders who fell prey to heavy pressure from the taxers and spenders.

ATR commends all GOP 19 Senators who withstood the pressure, and thanks them for holding the Constitution and limited government in high regard.

Katie McAuliffe

About Katie McAuliffe Executive Director of Digital Liberty and Federal Affairs Manager for Americans for Tax Reform

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