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Donald Trump Is a Perfect Ringmaster for the GOP 2012 Circus

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The GOP primary is an eight ring circus. So why shouldn't Donald Trump play ring master for a night?

The Republican presidential candidates are doing everything they can to distract from the fact that their party's policies put our economy in the dumpster and, if elected, they will all just do more of the disastrous same. The American voters see that the economy is, slowly but surely, getting better and backs President Obama's plans to make it stronger while bucking at continued Republican obstructionism.

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Voters and Democrats want America to succeed and can tell that Republicans--in Congress and in the campaign--only want Obama to fail, even if it means America fails, too. The dazzling side shows of the GOP primary are entertaining the voters, but they can tell the distinguish farce from the best interest of the future of our nation.

Still, with the always-entertaining Herman Cain out of the race and Newt Gingrich now trying to look more like a candidate than a curmudgeon, the clowns are running out of gags. Perfect timing for a man with implausible hair to preside over a debate with implausible political candidates.

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Bring on the show! Every candidate should join in. American voters will no doubt tune in to see how many GOP candidates can fit in the clown car as they aim to drive our economy and our political system off a cliff.

Sally Kohn

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