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Fast and Furious: Biggest Political Cover-Up Since Watergate

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We have long past the point of whether he should lose his job. The question now becomes should he be indicted.

On May 3, Holder testified before the Judiciary Committee and was asked about the "fast and furious" gunrunning program. He was asked when he first knew about the program. His answer was a few weeks earlier, but he couched it in terms of "I believe."

Holder is a lawyer and he knows that kind of evasive answer would probably save him if he were indicted for perjury.

Unfortunately, Holder is not only a lawyer, he is the nation's top lawyer and top prosecutor and he has to be held to a higher standard.

Fast and Furious is not only about a bad idea. It is about murder. At least one Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, has been murdered with weapons from the Fast and Furious scandal. An American Immigration Special Agent was murdered with one of those weapons in Mexico as well.

[Read more about Operation Fast and Furious.]

Fast and Furious has become the biggest political cover-up since Watergate.

Eric Holder has been a disaster as Attorney General. From the New Black Panthers case, to Fast and Furious, his tenure as Attorney General has been nothing short of an assault on the rule of law.

Special Prosecutors have been abused in the past, but this is one case where one is clearly warranted. Holder should not only go, an independent counsel should investigate him and if as it is, as many people believe, he lied to Congress, he should be indicted and prosecuted.

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