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Abortion Is Not Prowoman, Prolife Is Prowoman

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I truly believe that if we protect women the way we are supposed to, abortion would never be necessary. That usually brings up the subject of the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. But we all know that's a red herring. Those cases amount to less than 1 percent of all abortions. Would Planned Parenthood and the other purveyors of abortion take that deal? They keep the 1 percent, we save the 99 percent?

The big secret of abortion, though, is that it not only kills an unborn baby, it scars women physically, emotionally, and mentally forever. The abortion movement has deceived women for years, telling them that they can get rid of the "problem" inside them and "move on." But the reality is that they will carry the pain of that experience long after their "choice." Who is helping those women? Prolifers are. The prolife community has been the one to bring women in need into our homes and churches. We are the ones who help them find jobs, buy them food, drive them places, and help them sort out their lives. We are the ones who hold the post-abortive woman while she cries. Big abortion businesses' position is any abortion for any reason at taxpayer's expense without helping to address the real issues that landed her at the abortion clinic in the first place.

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The harmful experiences of many post-abortive girls and women are raising questions about the unquestioning promotion of abortion in America and the refusal of abortion advocates to even consider the potential harms to women's health and well-being.

Concerned Women for America rejects the notion that making abortion illegal would lead women to back alleys with wire hangers overdosing on dangerous medication to terminate their pregnancies. Women are so much smarter, stronger, and simply better than that. If abortion were taken off the table, maybe men and women would spend more time discussing the significance of sex and the commitment that comes with it. Too often women choose abortion due to pressure from feckless men.

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Abortion has also been linked with increased chances of depression, doubling chances of breast cancer, ectopic pregnancies, and drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, women who have an abortion are six times more likely to commit suicide. "Legal" has certainly not meant "safe."

We must work at both the federal and state level to change hearts and minds by simply taking care of women. In 2011, a record-high 92 new prolife state laws passed because the social conscience is realizing abortion is the great social injustice of our time. Abortion solves no problem for women; it creates and/or complicates them. Abortion is not prowoman; prolife is pro-woman.

Penny Nance

About Penny Nance President and CEO of Concerned Women for America

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