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Democrats' 'War on Women' Rhetoric Is Insulting and Disingenuous

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President Obama's desperate quest for re-election has led Democrats to embrace some cynical and offensive tactics. One is perpetuating the myth of a "war on women." It's time for the insulting and disingenuous rhetoric to end.

The Republican Party is absolutely committed to the policies and priorities that improve the lives of women. In contrast, President Obama's economic policies have taken us in the wrong the direction. In the Obama economy, women are decidedly worse off.

The recent jobs report from the Labor Department had some alarming facts. The number of women employed in America declined last month as many dropped out of the work force, giving up on looking for work altogether. Of the 740,000 jobs lost since Obama took office, 683,000 of them were held by women. That is unsustainable.

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Across America, women are feeling the pain of the weak economy—in the job market and at the kitchen table. Wives are worried about shrinking wages and rising prices as they try to make ends meet. Mothers fear for their children's futures as the national debt skyrockets and college becomes unaffordable. Businesswomen are frustrated by the regulations and economic policies that make hiring impossible. Fewer women are working, and more are living in poverty.

So it's no surprise that Democrats have attempted to change the subject in this election.

Unlike President Obama, Republicans want to enact policies that will truly jump start job creation and build a sustainable economic recovery—lower taxes, efficient government, lower deficits, less debt, and responsible regulation.

That's what right for women—and right for all of America.

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