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Obama Will Have a Mandate to Pass Immigration Reform


Barack Obama has a clear mandate from Americans who are female, young, urban, black, Latino and Asian. Older white men, not so much.

The president's most important mandate is to continue the work he has done pulling the economy out of the black hole that President Bush dug. The economy is clearly a popular priority since six of 10 voters indicated it was the most pressing problem. The national exit poll indicated that the president won a second term without the support of wealthy Americans, so ridding the country of the Bush tax cuts for bankers and billionaires is good politics and even better policy.

Yesterday Logan Airport was gridlocked because of the large number of Lear Gulfstream corporate jets that were trying to get to Boston in time for the Romney political funeral. This was a smart move for corporate jet setters because federal flight tax freebies will hopefully crash to earth in the president's effort to balance the budget. So enjoy them while they last.

My guess is that President's Obama's next step will be immigration reform.

[See a collection of political cartoons on the 2012 campaign.]

Presidents Obama will propose a comprehensive immigration reform package like the plans proposed by President Clinton and the second President Bush.

The legislation will include further steps to secure our borders, penalize businesses that employ undocumented aliens, and pave a path to citizenship for millions of millions of immigrants.

Immigration is a necessity for the United States and a big political plus for the president.

A majority of Americans support a comprehensive reform plan. Americans supported the Clinton and Bush plans but Republicans made sure they didn't become law. In addition to Latinos, the other members of the new majority coalition that helped Barack Obama win the presidency, twice, are especially supportive of reform.

[See a collection of political cartoons on immigration.]

A new reform package will put a lot of political pressure on Republicans.

Six of every 10 Latino voters voted for president. Latinos clearly did not buy Mitt Romney's plan for "voluntary deportation" whatever that was or the hard line Republican position against immigration. The Latino vote carried the president to victory in three key battleground states, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida if the president holds his lead in the Sunshine state.

Republicans will oppose comprehensive reform at their own political peril.

Not only did Latinos strongly support the president and other Democrats but they constituted a larger share of the electorate than they did in 2008.

 [See photos as Mitt Romney Concedes Presidential Race.]

This situation will become worse for Republicans before it gets better. The Latino population is growing so quickly, the group will make up an even larger proportion of the total vote in 2016. Hasta La Vista, GOP.

Even though, Mitt Romney lost, he also has a mandate. Tuesday night, reporters asked the former Massachusetts moderate and born again conservative what his post-campaign plans were. Romney said he wanted to buy a puppy, presumably to be named Seamus II. Unless PETA intervenes, this will set up another cage match between Romney and his dog. My advice to the puppy is to run while it still can.

And please, no jokes about the GOP going to the dogs

Brad Bannon

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