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Video Shows Mitt Romney Cares Only About the Rich

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Mitt Romney's tirade against working families at his big donor fundraiser is wrong at so many levels; I don't even know where to start.

The GOP nominee has some nerve complaining about middle class Americans who don't pay taxes in a room full of bankers and billionaires. If Romney's whales paid their fair share of taxes, the federal budget deficit would be smaller. If the companies that Romney's donors run weren't getting billions of dollars in federal tax freebies, the national budget gap would be a lot smaller.

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The Romney/Ryan budget is a case study in greed and selfishness. Poor kids would lost school lunches, expectant mothers will lose prenatal care, and the seniors would forfeit healthcare under the GOP budget. The young, the elderly, and the poor would lose their safety net so that we could double up on the safety net for wealthy Americans, oil companies, defense contractors, and corporate frequent flyers.

Romney and his banker and billionaire buddies just don't care about anything or anybody besides themselves. The slogan for Romney campaign should be "Every man for himself" or "Damm the poor, big money ahead". Romney is losing because most Americans have more Christian charity in their hearts than Mitt Romney and his big money posse have in their bank accounts.

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