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Republicans Must Oust John Boehner as Speaker

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John Boehner has a problem. If he were the captain of the Titanic, he would not be satisfied in hitting the iceberg only once. Plan B was more than just a backfire—it may well be the straw that broke the camel's back and the moment that ends John Boehner's run as Speaker of the House.

Conservatives have long been unhappy with John Boehner. In March 2011, I expressed my displeasure with the Speaker for surrendering on spending and, even as early as 2011, called for someone to primary Boehner.

The fiscal cliff is a disaster of John Boehner's making. Boehner worked out his deal without getting the input of the Republican Party or the greater conservative movement. We warned Boehner the Super Committee idea was a disaster and it would never work.

[See a collection of political cartoons on the fiscal cliff.]

It didn't.

Boehner flexed his muscles after the election, purging conservatives who would not abandon their conservative beliefs and fall into line behind him. Other conservatives have been denied promotions to chair subcommittees. Plan B was a plan that conservatives did not like, did not approve of and were not going to support. It was a plan that would destroy the Republican Party. Unfortunately, Boehner has shown to be as tone deaf as George H.W. Bush.

If Plan B had passed, it was going to be DOA in the Senate anyway, which begs the question: Why did Boehner think this was such a good idea?

It was not.

[See a collection of political cartoons on Congress.]

Boehner is a man singularly unfit for the job he currently holds. He is the epitome of the Peter Principle, a man promoted to his level of incompetence. Plan B may be the best thing that has happened to conservatives in a long time: Boehner's failure should break his lock on the speakership.

When Congress returns in January, its first order of business will be to select a new Speaker. Boehner should do the right thing and resign. Since I doubt he will, Republicans should simply do the right thing by uniting behind a real conservative who will stand and fight against President Barack Obama.

Hopefully Jan. 3 will bring about the end of an error: The Speakership of John Boehner.

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