Mitt Romney Is Simply Unelectable

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In a word, no.

Romney's credibility among conservatives is pretty much less than zero.

If you want to know why Romney cannot close the deal with conservatives, you have to know what conservatives want.

Conservatives want a candidate who will cut spending and taxes. Conservatives want a candidate who is actually going to repeal Obamacare. We want a candidate who has core values and beliefs and who is not simply saying what he believes the people want to hear. Finally, we want a candidate who can actually win.

Romney fails on all counts. Based on his record in Massachusetts, few if any conservatives believe he will cut spending or taxes. Since Romneycare is the spiritual godfather to Obamacare, few conservatives believe he will make any effort to repeal it. Norm Coleman, one of Romney's advisers, has come out and said there would be no attempt to repeal Obamacare.

Romney's flip-flops are legend. He has been all over the place on almost every issue there is. No one knows what he really believes.

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Finally, Romney is simply unelectable. The only races Romney has been able to win have been where he has had a home field advantage (New Hampshire and Michigan) or where he has been able to outspend his opponents and beat them with negative advertising.

In fact, in the states where Romney has won, he has done so by depressing the turnout. Conservatives realize that is not a winning formula for the fall.

Romney offers no compelling reason for conservatives to vote for him, other than the myth that he can beat Obama.

Romney's track record in the primaries so far destroys the myth that he is the most electable candidate.

Romney will never be able to close the deal with conservatives because he is a liberal, not a conservative. No Republican candidate will win without the support of the conservative base and Romney will never have that support.

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